Flight Delay Compensation

Passenger Rights

Flight cancellation entitles passengers to up to €600 for a cancelled flight — depending on when the passengers were informed of that. The airline must provide an alternative flight and bear the costs of accomodation and food during the waiting time.

When a flight is considered cancelled?

The airlines consider a flight that did not take place. As a passenger, one must have booked a ticket for the particular flight in question with all the corresponding flight data.

European Passenger Rights Regulation EC 261/04

Compensation for a flight cancellation is guaranteed by European Passenger Rights Regulation EC 261/04.

Flight cancellations can often be the result of aircraft or crew unavailability. Many airlines have been reducing costs by having less crew and maintenance staff on standby  and spending less time at the airport. That means that even the slightest problem with an aircraft or crew can cause a chain reaction across the entire airline’s network potentially resulting in cancelled flights.

If extraordinary circumstances occurred, such as a strike or general grounding of flights by authorities, the airline will be exempt from paying the refund. Additionally, if passengers are informed of the flight cancellation 14 days or more in advance, they will not be entitled to cancelled flight compensation.

Extraordinary circumstances apart, EU 261/04 also covers missed connections, flight delays and overbooking that have occurred in the last few years (depends on the country). Like with flight cancellations, you may be entitled to up to €600 if you reach your destination three or more hours after schedule.

It is crucial you stay at your gate after being informed of your flight’s cancellation. This way you will be aware of any change in circumstance or alternatives provided by the airline, such as a replacement aircraft. If you miss the airline’s suggested alternatives your right to cancelled flight compensation is lost.

Get an expert to help.

In the absence of exceptional circumstances, air passenger rights Regulation EU 261/2004 stipulates that compensation is due in the event of a flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding due to overbooking. If you were affected by a cancelled flight and want to file a claim for cancelled flight compensation with our help, please take the following steps:

  • Enter the flight information on our form – you can easily check how much you´re entitled.
  • Sign an agreement and we will take care of the rest for you!

We will contact the airline in question. If an airline refuses to pay cancelled flight compensation, we will take the claim to court/aeronautical authorities, at no extra cost to you.

Once the airline has paid out your cancelled flight compensation, we’ll keep our commission of only 25% and transfer the rest of your money directly to your bank account!

FAQ: Compensation For Cancelled Flights

My flight time was moved forward, am I entitled to a compensation?

Although the law is not clear , this is also considered a cancellation. In such a case, you are also eligible for a compensation.

What happens, if I cancel my own flight?

If you chose not to board a flight you had booked, you are bound by the terms and conditions set out by the airline at the time of booking. This can frequently result in your costs being reimbursed entirely.

However, at times only a small portion, i.e. the fees and taxes, are reimbursed. Some airlines deduct processing fees from the payout sum – each airline has its own method.