I want my flight ticket refunded, not a voucher


According to the law, all flight cancellations due to the Covid-19 crisis do not provide the passengers the right to receive a compensation, because the cancellation reason is an “extraordinary circumstance”.
However, no matter such circumstances, passengers still have the right to receive the ticket price back in full and within 7 days. Some airlines are acting illegally forcing passengers to accept a voucher instead.

Replacing cash refund with a flight voucher (= discount code to be typed when you book your next flight), travel miles, or any other form of payment is ok but only if you agree. It fully depends on your written acceptance.
If you want cash refund and the airline sent you a rebooking voucher that you did not ask for and you did not sign an agreement, you can ignore it and still claim money back. Do not use that voucher anyway, as it might imply your acceptance. No need to rush,  you have 2-6 years (depends on the country).

Some airlines are forcing passengers to claim to the Travel Agency that sold the ticket, and this also is against the Law. Under Ruling CE 261/04 the “operating airline” is the one that must refund the full ticket cost (so yes, agency fees are included, and also priority, seat, luggage and all other fees).
This is very bad to you because a booking agent just copy/pastes your claim and must obey to the airline. He will never fight for you as a claiming company like Aireclaim does. It’s not his job to enforce your rights, so he will never sue a friend airline on your behalf and for free, as Aireclaim does.

This is a hard time for airlines so we urge you to help them and accept the voucher if you can.
In such case make sure that it will be valid for at least 1 year, and that anytime you will be able to choose any date, origin, destination and passenger name, that you can use it partially several times, and that no hidden additional costs exist. Also evaluate the risk of the voucher becoming useless due to the airline’s bankruptcy.

To have your money back in cash and without agencies, you might find yourself in a hopeless position arguing with a giant that doesn’t care about your Rights, but you can use Aireclaim’s expert service to get your money back. This is an EU company, funded by the European Union with the purpose of defending Passenger’s Rights.
No risk for you: a small share is charged only if/after you get your money.

You can now browse this site and learn all about your rights, and also file your claim with the “CLAIM” button.


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