How it works



1. Check if you are entitled

Press the button and in 1 or 2 minutes you will know if you are entitled to a compensation. It’s easy and free, no commitment. Everything is processed in your device, so no data is sent to us.

2. If you are entitled, you can now submit your claim.

This is optional and takes 2-3 minutes. You will insert passengers names and emails and sign a document on your device using mouse or finger. You can upload your flight documents now or email them later.  If the other passengers in your booking are not present now, you can proceed anyway and they will confirm later their adhesion. We comply with all data protection laws and your data will be used only for the purposes of your claim. The email address that you provide will be used all along the process, including the final payment.

3. Then, just relax while we work hard for you.

Supporting all costs (including Courts), we will make a deep audit on your flight, crew, aircraft, route, airports, ATC, meteorology, etc using powerful databases, crossing several informations or even using outside professional services. This usually takes less than a week. If our audit concludes that no compensation is legally due, our work and expenses are free (unlike if you hired a lawyer). We have a reputation to defend: airlines usually approve our claims because they know that we are fair, we fight hard when compensation is due but otherwise we don’t present a false claim. If our audit confirms entitlement, we will present the airline our argumentation and try to settle in a friendly way. Some decide quickly, others take 1 or 2 months or even more. This does not depend on us. Some passengers blame us. However, except for 1 week, 95% of the delay is caused by the airline and we can not rush it. Often the airline denies payment based on arguments allowed by the Law, but we always check them carefully. Our experts include lawyers and pilots who can evaluate it, no matter how technical it is. If their arguments do not satisfy us or if they do not reply within 2 months, we will escalate to several organizations including Courts, Small Claims Courts, Aeronautical National Enforcing Bodies, Alternative Dispute Resolution Centres, and Consumer Organizations. In such case a litigation fee will be due but only upon success. If we fail we will support all costs, so you pay nothing. If we accept an airline’s refusal, you will enjoy our free check and independent attestation that a compensation was not due. A lawyer would waste a lot of time (his and yours) and charge you many hundreds euros, however we will pay everything and will charge you nothing. Difficult cases can take many months, even years if Court is involved but most take only a few months or weeks. You will be kept informed about your process, and you will need to do nothing more. Anyway, you can visit your process area anytime and check its status.

4. You receive your money.

Your share is 70%. Some fee might apply in some cases (example: foreign currency -see T&C page) As soon as the airline pays us, we will transfer it to the bank account that you will provide. Some airlines pay directly to the passenger, so in such case you will send us our share. We are supported and audited by the EU, and we must carefully respect all rulings and pay all due taxes.  However, when due, VAT only applies to our share, not to the full amount. For the same reason, in order to allow any future audit to our company, we will keep all bank proofs and other process documentation for 5 years . 


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