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If you had a flight problem, you will find here everything you need to know or to do about Passenger’s Rights.

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Denied Boarding

How to get a flight compensation:

1- Claim now

Check your entitlement, thensubmit your claim.

Nobureaucracy, no cost.

2- Relax

Do nothing.

Let the experts do all work and pay all expenses.

3- Receive the money

Let’s share: 70% for you and 30% for us.

If we fail you pay us nothing.

Compare all your options:

Hire a lawyer

  • Cost: higher than €500
  • Time spent: some hours
    (meetings, paperwork)
  • Stress factor: high
  • Efficiency: low
  • Success probability: unclear

Claim alone

  • Cost: €0
  • Time spent: many hours
    (investigation, paperwork)
  • Stress factor: very high
  • Efficiency: very low
  • Success probability: very low

Use our help

The Best Option

  • Cost: €0
  • Time spent:
    some minutes
  • Stress factor: zero
  • Efficiency: very high
  • Success probability: almost 100%

Why this is your best option:

No costs

Our fee is fair, payed by the compensation itself but only upon success. A lawyer would charge you much more and even upon failure.

Expertise and experience

If you claim by yourself you volunteer to a weak position, totally dependent on the airline and unable to argue back. Don’t waste your time and labor. Let others do it.

Easy and efficient

No bureaucracy, no costs.
Easy, safe and quick.
No worries.

We are highly specialized on this.
You are not.


We have a long experience and a very high success rate. We have all tools and know all tricks that you won’t need to learn by yourself.

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Do you remember your old flight problems?

Your right to compensation only expires after 3 to 10 years (depending on the country). We can help you. Please contact us.