About Aireclaim:

Aireclaim is a European company ruled by the laws of the European Union, with a long experience in the consumer rights protection field, providing information and support to air passengers and enforcing their rights.

Abiding by high professional standards and hard work, over the past years Aireclaim helped many thousands of travelers get legal compensation due to flight disruptions and conquered a very positive image as a highly trustful and reliable firm.

The company is committed exclusively to this area of operation and its workforce includes international lawyers, pilots, and other highly qualified collaborators, so it can provide a great level of specialization, competence, and success.

Legal notice: Obeying to UE rulings the following information must be provided:
This project is supported by the European Union through the Norte Portugal Regional Operational Programme (NORTE 2020), under the PORTUGAL 2020 Partnership Agreement, via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with the purpose of the internationalization and promotion of the company, disseminating and expanding its consumer defence services in all countries of the European Union, in order to enhance its exports and turnover.

Mandatory EU information for flight compensation

Aireclaim is funded by the European Union

Company legal data :

Aireclaim is the commercial name of the company Albuquerque Sousa, Aguiar & Sousa Lda, legal registration is PT513645489, the official address (not for visiting) is Rua Paulo da Gama 629  4150 – 589 Porto – Portugal, and the office email is geral@aireclaim.com.
This company is funded by the European Union.

Aireclaim’s Good Practices:

• Aireclaim complies with all laws and rules applicable to its business activity, including rules on data security, such as GDPR.
• Aireclaim does not make use of misleading marketing activities, such as unsolicited telemarketing.
• Aireclaim always clearly identifies itself to all parties it deals with.
• Aireclaim shows the price and other terms of its services in a clear way.
• Aireclaim maintains confidential all information relating to customers and airlines.
• Aireclaim does not act in a way which could arm the reputation of competitor companies, passengers or airlines.
• Aireclaim is appropriately resourced to carry out its activities and provide passengers with a high level of service.
• Aireclaim has high professional qualifications, knowledge and experience about debt collection and aeronautical matters.
• Aireclaim is operated by persons who have a clear credit history and no criminal convictions.
• Aireclaim’s members of staff are aware and properly trained about these good practices.