Passenger rights
How to claim

Air passengers have 3 cumulative Rights:
- care
- refund/rerouting
- compensation

They are cumulative (none excludes other) and free. 
Airlines are heavily fined if they fail these obligations. 
All flights inside the European Union are included and also all flights operated by EU airlines if they depart or arrive to an EU airport. If the airline is not European, only its flights departing from an EU airport are entitled. 
Passengers need not be EU citizens or residents.

Air passenger rights

Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, together with some posterior laws and judgements, protects passengers against most travel problems. Not surprisingly, many airlines try by all means to avoid paying whatever. And it’s as easy as just saying “NO” because most passengers are not able to argue back their legal or technical arguments, and will surely not proceed in Court. That’s why an expert claiming company like Aireclaim is so important to defend passengers rights.


1- right to care

If you are at the airport waiting for your flight and more than 2 hours have passed since the scheduled departure time (either because your flight is delayed or because it has been cancelled and you are waiting for a new one), the airline must provide refreshments. Also food according to the part of the day.
In case you have to stay overnight, the airline must provide also accommodation, as well as transportation to and from the hotel. And also whatever you reasonably need to buy for the night, like medication, underwear, phone charger, etc.
If they “forget” it, you can buy it yourself and later ask for a refund using Aireclaim’s services.
You are entitled to a refund as long as you present the receipts and your expenses are necessary and reasonable.

2- right to rerouting or refund

The rerouting / refund right is due in case of flight cancellation .
You have the right to be refunded or rebooked without extra costs, not necessarily by air, as soon as possible or at another day if you prefer, either to the final destination or to the original airport of departure. This right is deployed  after 5 hours departure delay if you ask to leave the flight, or upon earlier initiative of the airline. You have the choice between being refunded or rerouted using the alternative offered by the airline. In this case, the airline will pay all care expenses until you reach your destination or return home, unless you refuse their alternative and choose to postpone your flight.
Extra payments shall never be demanded. In case of class downgrade a partial ticket refund is due.
If the trip lost its purpose (example: you missed a marriage) you can ask to be delivered back to your original airport at no extra cost and receive refund for the unused flights.
If you prefer you can ask to change the unused flights to another day.
If your booking includes more connected or return flights, these rules apply to all, as a set.
After this right is used, no more “care” is due (as also after arrival to the last destination in the booking or back home).

3- right to compensation

Consists of a cash payment (or vouchers but only if you agree) and is due in case of 3+ hour delay upon arrival or cancellation (unless informed more than 14 days before). The amount is 250, 400 or 600 euros (half in a few cases) for each person, and depends on the flight distance.
This right does not apply if the airline cannot be blamed for the problem. Examples: bad weather, volcano ashes, terrorism, air traffic control orders, labor strikes (except those inside the airline). However compensation is due in case of technical or operational issues (ex: blown tire, bird strike, crew illness).



Flight delay

For flight delays, you are entitled to compensation if you arrived at your destination 3 or more hours late.

Flight cancellation

For airline cancellations, you are eligible for financial compensation if the flight was cancelled less than 14 days prior to departure.


Flight compensation is due even if a small delay in the first flight caused you to miss the next flight, provided that you arrive more than 3 hours late even after rerouting and both flights belong to the same booking .

Boarding Denial

In case of boarding denial due to overbooking, you're entitled to compensation plus the replacement flight, plus food and hotel until you reach your destination. But not if the fault is yours, missing documents or arriving late to the gate.

Your compensation depends on the flight distance

Up to 1500 km

250€ each person

From 1500 km to 3500 km

400€ each person

More than 3500 km

600€ each person

How to claim your rights


Check if you are entitled

Enter your flight details and check the amount of the compensation, if any.
Add your own food/hotel expenses.


Submit your claim now

Easy, no bureaucracy, no cost.
Let the experts defend your Rights, do all work and pay all expenses.


Get your money

Wait and relax. When the airline pays, 70% is for you and 30% is for Aireclaim. No win, no fee.

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