Claim a compensation for your cancelled or delayed flight

Each passenger can receive €250, €400 or €600 plus refund (or free rebooking) plus expenses like taxi, hotel, food, etc.

How to claim your flight

1 - Check entitlement

Enter your flight code and date, then get the amount of the compensation. Easy, free, no cost.

2 - Submit your claim

If entitled, let the experts do all work for you and pay all expenses, including Court. Just relax and wait.

3 - Get your money

Only after we succeed in exacting your money, we will get a part of it. You pay nothing if unlikely we fail.

Know your Rights

Air Passenger Rights

Regulation 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, together with some posterior laws and judgements, protects passengers against most travel problems. Not surprisingly, many airlines avoid paying, just saying "NO" because most passengers (probably including yourself) are not able to argue back their legal or technical arguments, and certainly will not go to Court.
But Aireclaim is and will. That's why Aireclaim became so important, defending passengers rights.

Flight delay

You are entitled to a compensation if your flight arrived 3+ hours late and also to food, taxi and hotel while waiting.

Flight cancellation

You can get a compensation that depends on the flight distance if your flight was cancelled in the 14 days prior to the scheduled departure.

Flight misconnection

Compensation is due even for small delays in a flight, if you miss the next flight and you arrive 3+ hours late even after rerouting. Both flights must belong to the same booking.

Boarding denial

If you are refused to board due to overbooking, you're entitled to compensation plus a new ticket, plus food and hotels until you reach your destination.

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Some opinions

They have done a great job. My flight got cancelled without any notice and I had the possibility to get to my destination the day after without paying any additional costs. I was sure that the airline would have never provided a compensation but thanks to Aireclaim I got a good refund. The process took some months but I don’t care as I got some money!
Chiara F.
From Google reviews
Aireclaim helped me with a case with ryanair. The service was excellent, they answered all of my e-mails and within 3 months I had my money. Would definitely contact them again and I would recommend them to anyone facing problems with flight compensation .
From Google reviews

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