Flight Delay Compensation

European Regulation EC 261/04 establishes compensations for delayed flights, guaranteeing up to €600 per passenger for flights delayed three hours or more.

Flight delays can occur for several reasons, from delay of the crew to technical problems – please check below!

Which circumstances are eligible to receive a compensation?

Delayed flight compensation claims can be avoided if an airline can prove the flight delay was caused by exceptional circumstances beyond the airline’s control. In many cases a strike or extreme weather conditions occurred. What is considered an exceptional circumstance is stipulated by each country’s legal system.

Since 2004, legislation stipulates that airline compensation must be provided under certain conditions. If a flight is delayed and the airline cannot produce solid evidence to prove exceptional circumstances, it must compensate all affected passengers.

Despite that, you are eligible to claim compensation for delayed flights when your flight arrived three hours after the schedule. Airline compensation ranges between 250 € and 600€ — that depends on the distance flown.

Choosing our service brings several advantages:

We work according to the “no win, no fee” principle. In other words, you do not pay a fee unless we were successful. There is zero risk to you. We will enforce your rights.

The processing of your claim can of course be filled with bureaucratic hurdles but you won’t even notice as we’ll take care of all necessary steps until you have the money in your account.

Find out how much you are owed.

I agree. Now, how do I proceed?

You can apply now to insert your flight data and confirm your entitlement.

In a few hours we will study your case and if it is eligible we will send you some very easy instructions to electronically sign our Agreement. You’ll fill some data and send us scans or photos of your ID card, the boarding pass, expenses and whatever documents you consider important.

If you don’t feel comfortable sending your ID card, you can hide your face. Anyway, we will never share your data and we comply with Directive 95/46/EC for protection of personal data.

That’s all. Next you just relax and let us work.

FAQ: Compensation For Delayed Flights

My problem was long ago, can I still submit a claim?

Usually claims can be submitted up to 3 years after the flight date, however things are different in certain countries.

For instance, in the UK you have 6 years (5 years in Scotland). Please email and explain us your case.

I am not an european citizen. Can I reclaim?

Yes. You must confirm that we have a valid way to send you the money. Besides bank transfer, other methods of payment might be accepted.

Should I settle with the airline?

Surely their offer is the best for the airline, but very probably, not the best for you.  We specialize in consumer rights and very probably we can get you a better solution.

You can consult us (free service), to know your rights and our advice.